Ultimate Safari Park of Indonesia

We don’t have many zoo around Indonesia, but one of the best is Taman Safari Indonesia. Like a Burger King, it’s part of a chain and Safari has several locations around the country, one of them is just two and a half hour drive away from my house in Jakarta.

I had only once been to Taman Safari before, when I was a child, so a visit to the park wasn’t something I had been thinking about; even though I knew seeing the animals was always going to be a very fun thing to do. The reason I hadn’t been in so long; just like most people, I had delayed visiting any kind of tourism attraction close to where I live. For example, if you grew up in Paris I bet you would not be in hurry to visit the Eiffel Tower would you? In your mind the Eiffel Tower isn’t something you need to see, it’s not going anywhere, so you can do it later on. That’s also what happened with me and the zoo.

Several days ago I made up my mind to go there. I can’t say anything else except I really enjoyed the safari tour! Pretty amazing! I had the feeling of being in Africa without the heat. The leopard was very pretty, too many llama’s were crossing the road (I know they’re not African), which made me excited, all the lazy hippos and so much more.

I think running a zoo is quite hard in Indonesia so they attached a-not-so-amazing amusement Park to the Safari. The other challenge of running the zoo is the people that work there don’t seem to have a passion for animals. Some of them just work for the sake of make a living, but on the other hand we also met several people that were really taking care the animals with all their heart.

I am glad to have visited the zoo again; it was 15 years since my last visit. Animals can be just like your friends, so I really enjoyed having the time to catch up with some old friends and make new ones.