Exotic Fruit Juices of Southeast Asia

Cold tropical fruit juices practically sell themselves in the hot and humid backstreets of South East Asia. Travel anywhere in the region and you will find simple carts stacked high with fruit sitting next to an old and well used blender. Fresh mango, jackfruit and papaya juices are just a flick of a button away. It is one of the real treats of the region. While everyone knows how great mango juice is, there’s a whole range of great fruit flavours people could be missing out on. So here’s a list of the best of the rest.

Jack Fruit
While I wouldn’t advise you try this fruit when it’s not fresh (it tastes like chicken apparently), when ripe there is nothing I like more in a juice. Jack fruit has a naturally sweet taste that’s almost like a mixture of Banana and pineapple, but with a nicer consistency than either. This is a popular drink in Cambodia, but is completely overlooked in Indonesia.

Tomato and Strawberry
While not a tropical fruit juice, my recent discovery of the unlikely mix of tomato and strawberry has reminded me about the importance of trying everything, even if you think it’s not going to work. The sweetness of the strawberry adds a pleasant sweet edge to the flavours of the tomato.

Soursop Juice
Soursop is a big spiky green fruit with white flesh on the inside and plenty of pips. With its sweet flavour, Soursop is one of my favourite fruits, but I definitely prefer it as a juice. Instead of the fibrous strings and mushy consistency that can get a bit much if you eat it, blend it and you get a thick and smooth fruit juice, simply unbeatable!

Avocado Juice
The idea of avocado and chocolate sounds like another one of those strange and possibly horrible combinations, but hold your judgement until you give this juice a taste. If done well the juice is thick and creamy, with the sweet after taste of the chocolate.

Guava and Strawberry
Guava is another great tropical fruit that can be found all over South East Asia. However most places will add plenty of sugar to Guava juice to sweeten the flavour, which is why the addition of strawberries works so well. I promise you won’t be disappointed!