The Perfect Sunset

Imagine the scene. The sun is slowly setting below the horizon illuminating the sky in shades of red, orange and yellow. Thick clouds are catching the last of the light. You are alone on the beach with only the sound of the ocean and the crashing waves. All that you can see in front of you is a vast and uninterrupted stretch of ocean.

beautiful sunsets

The feeling of being so isolated is a strange one. You get a feeling of quite how small a part of this world you are. In a city you never get this sense. Sure you might realise you’re only one person, but with thousands of people passing by you every day it’s hard to understand what that really means. Alone, surrounded by nature it is different. At least that was my longest lasting memory from Fiji.

beautiful Fiji

This chain of holiday islands in the South Pacific is justifiably famous as a tourism spot. The thousands of tropical islands that make up this island chain are a paradise. With plenty of sun, warm waters, palm trees, unspoilt beaches and nature and most importantly diversity, it has all of the ingredients for the perfect holiday.

Fiji at night

If you are young and want to party then Beachcomber Island or a booze cruise would be perfect for you. For a more relaxed time then try out the vagabondishly (this is not a word yet, but used often enough it will be 😉 ) named Castaway Island, where you can rock up with your guitar and play Bob Marley tunes to your hearts content. My advice though, just once you should try getting away from it all and simply sit on the beach to watch the sun set.