Travel Tips

The Technology for Your Travels

When planning a trip, it’s important to think about how you will stay connected to family and friends back home. It’s a good idea to have a way to get in touch with loved ones in case of an emergency or changed plans, and it can also be fun to have a way to update your friends about where you have been and what you are experiencing. Since many mobile phones cease to work once you leave the country, you may need to look elsewhere for ways to stay in touch.

Many people opt to take a laptop with them. While laptops offer portability and convenience, they also have a few downsides. Here you’ll find the pros and cons of bringing a laptop with you on a trip, as well as few alternative solutions for connectivity on the road.

The Pros​
Bringing a laptop with you will help you be able to connect to the internet from the privacy of your hotel room, provided there is wireless internet available. This way, you can also access your files that you have stored on your hard drive, such as certain documents, pictures, music and movies. You can also use your laptop to upload pictures from your trip, which you can share via Facebook or other social media sites.

Besides having access to your own files, laptops offer greater portability and convenience. You can just put your laptop in your backpack and carry it with you, provided it’s a sturdy model that won’t break easily. For example, you might decide on a Toshiba laptop, which is known for greater durability and lower prices. Or, you can buy a case that will protect your laptop if you drop your bag by mistake.

The Cons
While it may be more convenient to have your laptop with you, there are a few negative aspects to be aware of. Because a laptop is still considered an expensive item, it can invite theft, which means you should always be aware of your surroundings and make doubly sure you are in a safe location. This can be particularly difficult if you are travelling in a place where you do not speak the language or know the culture well.

In addition, laptops are still delicate and can break easily. Add that to the fact that while they are small, they can still take up a lot of space in your backpack. If you don’t want to lug it through Bangkok’s night market or the souqs of Marrakech, it might be best to leave your laptop at home.

Alternative Solutions
Instead of your laptop, it might be better to take something smaller and more discreet that will still allow Wi-Fi access. You can bring a smartphone or tablet that you can set to “Airplane mode” and still connect to the internet. These devices can also function as cameras, making them doubly convenient. That way, you can stay connected to home without being weighed down.