Backpacking in France

France is such an attractive country to visit. Why? It is because this nation, famous for fashion and the prestigious Cannes Festival, owns the world’s second-largest exclusive economic zone. This means more towering buildings, world-class establishments, and more profitable jobs than most countries. Even if France is now one of the richest in Europe, evidence of its rich history is preserved. This is one reason why the country is one of the favourite destinations for tourists. Despite the fact that its cities are filled with futuristic buildings, the government still assures that landmarks, which were witness to France’s most important days, are maintained. French officials are doing the right thing, as they not only help make the country a perfect tourist attraction, they also give younger generations the chance to see the things that shaped France. Among those that attract millions of visitors are the Palace of Versailles, Mont Saint-Michel, Nimes Arena, Somme battlefields, and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Visiting these places won’t be that hard. Though they are cities apart, you can still get into each of them without spending too much as France has so many hotels (many of them affordable) that can provide you with your needs for a backpacking activity. All you need to do is be prepared; make sure you’ve got all the gadgets to aid you in your trip. If you have an iPhone or tablet, then that’s perfect because it will come in handy not just for recording everything about your trip but also for logging on some poker sites during your rest. Backpacking is very tiring, physically and mentally. Poker is one of the most relaxing games in the world. It is also one of the biggest online games in France, maybe because it is the card game’s hometown. According to some historians, the game was first called Poque, a French word famous among soldiers during the Kingdom of France period. The game was brought to Canada and then to the United States, now it is a game played worldwide. This could be one reason why sites like are a hit among locals, the same reason why many of them want to follow the paths that professional French poker players like Bertrand Grospellier and Vanessa Rousso took.

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This poker lesson is just one of the many things that will surprise you about France. There’s more to the country aside from Louis Vuitton, Paris St. Germain, Chanel, and Marion Cotillard. French history has pretty much influenced the whole world. If you want to know why and how, pay a visit to the country! You will not only get to know how Joan of Arc, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Charles the Bold inspired their compatriots, you will also learn how they influenced other nations’ heroes.