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A Day in Washington DC

Washington DC

Washington DC has a lot to offer the passing traveler. Sure, people talk a lot of trash on DC. After all, its the home of the world’s most powerful and controversial government, a fact that makes it hard to judge the city on its own accord. But trust me, there are plenty of things to do in DC that make it well worth exploring.

Washington DC Monument-2

The self-serving political culture of DC is a fact as old as America, but more recent changes have remade the face of the city. Over the past decade, rapid gentrification has seen the rehabilitation of many once shuttered buildings and pushed the grinding poverty deeper into the outlying neighborhoods. But the city, like all others, is a mixed bag. Its deep historical roots in the post-colonial era combine with vast green spaces, countless public galleries and soaring monuments to give it a charm all of its own.

Washington DC Gentrification

The best way to see the city is by foot, meandering along its broad treelined avenues. The countless historically protected colonial-era houses and public monuments give a keen sense of time and place. DC boasts an extensive, efficient and inexpensive public transit system, through which you cover much of the city in just one day.

Washington DC Boulevard

Start your day off with brunch at the Eastern Market on Capitol Hill. This historic farmers market forms the heart of one of the capitals most relaxed and beautiful neighborhoods – pefect for a lazy sunday stroll. From the Market, you should walk down Pennsylvania Ave towards the US Capital Building on the National Mall to glimpse one of the best views of the capital building.

Washington DC Eastern Market

Most tourists make a B-line for the Mall and the Smithsonian Museum complex that rings it periphery with such famous highlights as the Natural History Museum and the National Air and Space Museum, where you can see everything from full on dinosaur skeletons to the Apollo re-entry vehicles from the great space race of the 1960s. The mall also boasts the Washington Monument and reflecting pool (of Forrest Gump fame) as well the poignant Vietnam and Lincoln memorials.

Washington Monument

Once you’ve had your fill of museums and memorials, hop a train to the DuPont or Logan Circle neighborhoods for happy hour (a DC institution). After a few drinks, take the bus or walk to the Georgetown Waterfront Park and watch the sunset over the Potomac and the iconic art deco Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. I’d suggest grabbing a few more drinks and dinner at one of the many restaurants along the scenic Georgetown canals, and then head back to the city for the nightlife along U Street.

Georgetown Canals

There are plenty of things to do in DC. If you approach the city with an open mind, leave behind they baggage and hit the pavement, you’ll find plenty to stimulate your mind and fill your belly.