Gaudi in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of those rare cities that has a bit of everything. It has the high hills, the beautiful sunny beaches, great nightlife and culture in abundance. In short, it is on of my favourite cities in Europe and a great place for a weekend break or a weeklong escape.


One of my favourite things about Barcelona is the architecture, or rather one particular architect. Gaudi. In less than 100 years he has imprinted himself into the very soul of Barcelona. It is a testament to his genius as an architect, the way he thought out of the box, that just the mention of Park Guell through to the iconic yet uncompleted Sagrada Familia Cathedral, you automatically think of the Catalan capital, Barcelona.

gas building

I’d like to think that the architecture that Gaudi created, the Casa Battlo and other colourful and mischievous creations, have given the city a bit of its quirky character; that looking at these buildings, new generations of artists and architects have been inspired to express themselves a bit differently. Certainly as I explored the city I got the feeling that the planning officials in charge of the city were open to different designs.

Gaudi, Lizard

This artistic inventiveness and respect for such a great figure, is expressed in Barcelona in other smaller ways, in the graffiti that you find on the street corner for instance. A new take on an old idea; that should give you something to think about next time you’re sitting in a small bar in Barcelona eating tapas and drinking an ice-cold beer.