Cheap Weekend Getaways from the UK

How does a weekend getaway to Amsterdam for 29 pounds sound to you? Like its too good to be true? Well, its not. That’s all you’ll pay for transport and a private in suite room on one of DFDS Seaways “Mini Cruises” to Amsterdam. Truth be told, that rock bottom rate is an “early bird special” reserved for groups of four or more, but still – it’s a hell of a deal. I’m pretty sure you can grab three of your mates or make a couple’s weekend out of it if you want, or better yet a stag or hen party.

The mini cruise to Amsterdam is a two-nights–at–sea affair, which includes a stop in Amsterdam where you can spend a half-day doing what you please. Half a day in Amsterdam really isn’t an ideal amount of time for a two-day trip, but the cruise ship, which has cabins for up to 1500 people, is part of the escape. After all, the plan is to get out the UK for a weekend.

In an innovative piece of PR, DFDS actually decided to produce an online app, which discusses some of the many plus points associated with taking a relaxing cruise. The app can be found here:if you are interested in checking it out. I’ll cover a few of what I thought the key points they brought up were in the next few paragraphs.

DFDS ships have loads of entertainment much like the massive luxury cruise liners that ply the waters of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. This includes numerous bars and clubs with a wide range of entertainment. For the footy fans they have a sports bar, for those who want a chill atmosphere and easy conversation there’s a laid back lounge and for the partiers among us there’s a dance club and a club with live music.

In addition to the bars and clubs, there’s a vast array of restaurants, shops, cafes and even a few cinemas. I brought a couple of books and my iPad for the cruise thinking it would be a good chance to relax, catch up on my favorite TV series, and maybe even crack into a novel, but in the end I just found myself eating, drinking and partying with friends the whole time. Then we found ourselves in Amsterdam and carried on where we left off.

It turns out DFDS Seaways also has loads of great ferry deals connecting the UK to France, The Netherlands, and Denmark, as well as connections across the Baltic between various Scandinavian states. They also have loads of group deals for conferences, youth and school trips as well as hen and stag parties. All in all they do a pretty solid job and are well worth a look, especially if you want to catch a weekend escape on one of their Mini Cruises.

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