Spain’s Hidden Gem – Majorca

That is a direct quote from my 5 year old sister – she stayed there last year with her Spanish aunt and uncle and, it appears, had a really nice time. She suggested it when I said I had a bit of writer’s block yesterday and couldn’t think of any more articles to write. So, here we are.

When I asked Holly about her highlights for Majorca, she listed a few. They’re here, in full, below:

Playing with her cousin
Playing on the beach
The fish
The other food
Going on a boat (I’m not certain this actually happened)
Playing with her aunt and uncle
Playing at the house
Playing elsewhere

I wish I was 5 again… Majorca is a lovely place to visit, even if you don’t have family there and aren’t a 5 year old girl (though it does seem to help). One of the undeniable highlights, if you can afford it, is the fishing and boating opportunities around the island – renting a boat isn’t the cheapest thing to do in the world, but it’s not the most expensive, either, at about 600 Euros a day and 3500 Euros for a full week. And it’s great, great fun.

If you’re not into the nautical side of things, Majorca still has a fair amount to offer, and the sights can be properly covered in about three days, if you do it quick, or four if you’re a bit more leisurely (I suggest leisurely; quick doesn’t really suit Majorca). Among the sights is the enormous and imposing Castell de Bellver – the views over Majorca and Palma are stunning and the castle’s history is fascinating; it was built in 1300 as a residence for the Spanish Royal Family, but was rarely used. In 1717 it was converted into a prison and you can still see the prisoner’s graffiti etched into the stonework in some parts of the castle.

Other sights include various ruins from Majorca’s Roman and Arabic conquerors, and the beautifully designed Joan Miró art gallery. Make sure to visit the Son Boter farmhouse, just beyond the gallery, too – it was owned by Miró, and has plans for his famous bronze sculptures drawn on the walls over the house; very artsy.

The main attraction in Majorca, though, according to by proxy 5 year old, is playing. Fortunately for me, that can be interpreted as doing more or less anything that you find fun. So, consider visiting one of Majorca’s beaches, which are atypical of “the” perfect beach, with white sand, turquoise waters and a merciful lack of overexcited 5 year old girls. Now. The largest beach of Cala Millor gets quite packed full of tourists, but the smaller beaches and coves surrounding their mother are happily deserted, and so head for those if you can.

And, my proxy’s final highlight, the food. It speaks for itself, really, but if you haven’t guessed; it’s basic, fresh, carefully cooked Mediterranean food, heavily influenced by the fish that are so plentiful in the waters around the island. Weirdly, though, the best thing to try is the lamb. Rick Stein, the famous TV chef, has suggested a restaurant called Es Verger that did the best lamb he’d ever tasted. Good luck finding the restaurant.