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Route 66’s amazing road trip

The historic Route 66 highway, which was established in 1926, originally ran between Chicago and Santa Monica and while some portions of it have been removed and realigned, if you’re serious about following the route, you can.

Regardless of whether you hop aboard a Route 66 motorhome or you jump behind the wheel of a 4×4, driving along The Mother Road is an experience like no other. If you’re after a road trip, this is it.

Perhaps you’re tempted with the adventure and would like to know more about why you should do it, or maybe you’ve been dreaming about driving along this historic road for some time and need a kick to go ahead and book it, here are ten reasons why a Route 66 road trip will rock your socks off.

Endless Places to Explore. Stop your car, climb out and take a look around you. Whether you’re travelling with family, your other half or friends, driving under your own steam will give you the chance to explore of your own accord. Stop in the desert, where you can see for miles, or grab a picture with the piled up Caddies in a barren stretch of Texas road. Possibilities are endless.
The Souvenirs. Most Brits love to pick up some souvenirs from their latest vacation and Route 66 has more than its fair share. From magnets to volcanic rock, you name it, it has it.
The Architecture. Stop along the way and you will come face to face with some incredible old buildings and bridges that are well worth grabbing some quick photos of.
The History. If there’s one way to take a look at the past, Route 66 will transport you back to the 1920s in seconds.
Off the beaten path adventure. A lot can be said about the introduction of motorways and highways across the world. They take away from the adventure of exploring the back roads, meaning you miss an incredible amount when you’re driving from A to B. Stick to the back roads like Route 66 and you will be in the heart of it all.
The People. You’ll have the fortune of meeting some incredible people along the way, from all over the world.
Quality Time. It’s not often that a family can enjoy so much quality time together, but with a road trip, it’s a dead cert.
The Wildlife. Spot birds and wildlife as you drive, including burros (small donkeys) and eagles.
The Food. The sheer range of food available as you drive along the road and stop at the cafes and diners along the way is just awesome.
The Memories! What an adventure!