A Quick Shoestring Budget Advice for Iceland

Iceland is famous for its intense and remote natural beauty. Some of the most epic scenes in HBO’s Game of Thrones Series are filmed here. But all of this comes at a cost, particularly to your wallet.

Iceland is so beautiful in large part because its untouched, and It’s untouched because its in the middle of nowhere. Remote wilderness is always hard to reach, everything has to be flown or shipped in and out. This basically means one thing – its gonna cost you a nice chunk of cash.

Luckily, I’m going to tell you how to do it on the cheap in four easy steps.

Step One:

Book airfare at the very beginning or very end of the tourist season, meaning late Late April to early May, or sometime towards the end of August or early September. This is the single best way to cut out 30-40 percent of the typical expense of an Iceland Summer trip. Six weeks out, book your round trip flight within these timeframes and you’ll save up to 500 bucks. During high season roundtrip airfare can cost a grand or more.

Step Two:

Hike and camp. The other two big expenses in Iceland are car rentals (minimum of 60 dollars per day) and hostels (between 50-100 dollars/night). First of all, hiking is the best way to enjoy Iceland’s natural beauty, and you can camp for free pretty much anywhere. Don’t get tricked into to pitching your tent every night at a managed campground because these will run you 20+ dollars per night per person. That being said they’re great for a shower, load of laundry and a hot meal.

Step Three:

Keep your restaurant meals to one per day max. The typical hot meal, even at a gas station, costs 20+ dollars. There are plenty of grocery stores throughout Iceland where you can get good food for cheap. Just be sure to bring your camp stove, even if it means shelling out 18 bucks for a gas canister! Yeah. Iceland isn’t cheap.

Step Four:

Remember that the real reason your there is for the nature! Not for the five star hotel treatment. If you’re looking for that just go to Cancun or some generic resort in the Caribbean.