Your Guide to Reykjavik

Reykjavik is more than just the capital of Iceland. Rekjavik is Iceland’s cultural and economic hub. In fact, over half of all Icelanders on the planet live in Reykjavik! Anyone lucky enough to visit Iceland will certainly begin and end their trip inhere, and its well worth a few days. Having spent a few weeks in Iceland and capping both ends of my trip with stays in Reykjavik, I’ve come up with a guide highlight the best of the city.

Where to Stay

Hlemmer Square Hostel. Modern, clean, spacious, great beds (down comforters and pillows, reading light, personal wall plug-in, lockable underbed cabinets, incredibly friendly and helpful staff, a kitchen equipped better than my home (and I cook!), and a very central location. Could you ask for more? Oh right, its pretty much the cheapest option in town at 24 USD for a 14 bed in a mixed dorm.

Where to Eat

Veitinghusio Hofnin. I’ve heard a lot of bad things said about Icelandic food, but one thing they do right is fish. This place does it with both visual flare and subtle flavor, and all for a good price. They key is the daily special (16.50 USD), which invariably is some sort of fresh caught fish with vegetables and risotto or pasta. Splurge for a meal here by shopping for one or two at Bonus, the cheapest supermarket chain in Iceland, and cooking it up at the hostel.

Where to Visit

National Music and Conference Center, and the Blue Lagoon (because I cant pick just one.) The Blue Lagoon is out of this world. Yes, it’s the most heavily touristed place in all of Iceland, but that doesn’t really matter. Its one of a kind and its pristine.
Massive, incredibly blue, geothermal hot springs. The pictures speak for themselves.

The National Music and Conference Center is actually the largest glass sculpture in the world. Within the glass cage is huge stone building, which is the actual concert hall. The whole structure is perched on the harbor a five-minute walk from the city center. It’s a stunning piece of architecture and its open to the public. There’s a pricey restaurant at the top with a wonderful panoramic view of the bay.

How to get to the Airport

Flybus. The most hassle-free option. When you arrive at the airport, buy and open-ended round trip ticket (37 USD) to the city center. The drive takes about an hour and the bus will drop you off at your hostel or hotel.