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Strange Requests of UK Embassies

In order to help its citizens understand which services are provided by its embassies and which are not, le UK Foreign Office has got into the habit of releasing a list of the weirdest and zaniest demands made to their consular staff around the world. Here is a best of the most bizarre requests made to UK embassies around the world. Beware, all this is 100% true.

Madrid : “Sorry, do you have Phil Collins’ phone number?”

Rome : A ma calls the embassy to tell them of the tragedy that has hit him: He went to the Trevi fountain but forgot to toss a coin in it. Could someone from the consulate go there, do it for him and make a wish, as he is worried about his marriage…

Fontaine Trevi, ROme

Tel-Aviv : A desperate woman asked the embassy if they could please force her lazy and overweight husband to get off the couch, get some exercise and lose weight so they could have children.

Madrid : Tied up and abandoned at the airport, a Brit called the consulate for assistance. Then told them he had been dumped there by his dominatrix.

Athènes : ” Could you please tell me where the fishing spots are? Oh, and where can I get cheap bait?”


Stockholm : A lovestruck individual calls the consulate to ask them to do background checks on a women he met on a dating website.

Phnom-Penh : A monkey gets up to some monkey business, dislodges a brick, which falls on a Brit’s head. After receiving care, he calls the embassy to enquire about getting financial compensation and asks for a guarantee it won’t happen again.

Pékin : A woman buys football boots, but then complains because they are “Made in China” but bad quality.


Kuala Lumpur : “Could the embassy pay for my children’s school fees at the international school?” »

New-Dehli : This British expat is having problems at home: ” I’m making jam. Do you know what the sugar to fruit ratio is?

With over 2 million request per year worldwide, or over 37,000 a week, British embassies have enough to do, that’s for sure. SO they aren’t to happy when they get these type of requests, or when they are asked to get the neighbour’s rooster to shut up…