Sandboarding of Peru

It was the second time that I came flying down the slope and I was already hooked, though every part of my skin was already covered in a fine layer of sand. The first time I strapped my feet to a thin piece of plywood and tried my luck at sandboarding down the dunes of Huacachina, I had fallen over within three metres and had rolled the rest of the way down the slope. Despite my enthusiasm, by the end of the afternoon I had not improved much, although I had broken a board and almost my leg. At the time I thought it was a small price to pay for an awesome adventure.

Huacachina sandboarding

Like all great ideas, our decision to visit Huacachina had been a spur of the moment one. Huacachina is just a short three hour bus ride away from Lima, so sandboarding seemed like the perfect thing to during an otherwise boring week in Peru’s capital. The plan as much as we had one was simple; we would leave Lima early in the morning, go sandboarding in the afternoon and then return on the first bus the next day.

Huacachina sandboarding fun

Huacachina is a one hit wonder and shortly after we arrived we realised that though the town is beautiful, the only thing to do here was sandboarding. So after signing into our hotel and signing on with dozens of other tourists onto an afternoon sandboarding course we jumped into the back of a buggy and hit the tunes. We returned just after sunset battered, bruised and the first thing each of us did was have a shower and hit the pool.

Huacachina sandboarding sunset

If you’re stuck in Lima and looking for something to do you should definitely try out sandboarding. Huacachina is a great place to visit for a day and offers a nice break from the polluted streets of Lima. The second piece of advice I’d give is to do sandboarding in the afternoon, this way you’ll have the opportunity to watch the sunset, which is a truly amazing experience.