Enjoying Sports on Your Next Trip

With the biggest competition in club football hosting its final in the capital this year, fans of the beautiful game will be rearing to get as close to the action as possible, even though there’s not an English side in sight. Although it’s tempting to call it in and just watch the game on TV, the opportunity to see such a coveted game in the flesh shouldn’t be passed up so easily.

Wembley stadium holds 90,000 people, a potential which is sure to be hit in its fullest as the 2013 UEFA Champions League draws to an epic conclusion. While many of these seats will be snapped up by the finalist’s supporters, if you are lucky enough to have secured yourself a ticket to the most important match in the club season calendar, there are some steps you should take to maximise your football fun.

Wembley Stadium

Assembling your squad
Much like the Pep Guardiola’s, Jose Mourinho’s or Alex Ferguson’s of the world, you will need to carefully assemble your handpicked best line up of mates to enjoy the match with. The great thing about a game of this magnitude is that it’s all the easier to get pulled in by the atmosphere, so you can mix in a few fresh-to-football faces with your more seasoned pro’s and the new lads will still have themselves a great time. Once you’ve worked out who to bring along, be sure to make group bookings with Travelodge, where you can get a great price on somewhere clean and comfortable to lay your head up when you’ve finished celebrating post-match.

Staying neutral
While it could be tempting to grab yourself a shirt for your favourite to be crowned champions of Europe this year, one of the most magic parts about this fixture is the neutrality (and the shirt will probably cost you more than it’s worth for amount of times you use it). So instead, maybe just put a quiet bet on whoever you thinks got the edge and enjoy watching a high stakes game without the pressure of your own clubs glory weighing in the balance.

Show them a good time
With so many people travelling to London to spectate at football’s premier club event, finalist supporters or otherwise, the visitors will want a good time afterwards, whatever the result. London’s nightlife has plenty to offer for everyone so make sure you know what you’re doing by brushing up on the scene. If anyone’s looking lost, you can use your knowledge to show them that England is a friendly place for football fans and that the capital is a great place for celebration – a great way to make new friends with a shared interest of top football.

These are just some of the ways to ensure you have a great time at an event that promises the highest quality sport of the year, the most intense atmosphere and the most jubilant celebration. Do yourself a favour and get in on the action – watching it on TV just won’t be the same!